Uma Wali : To Experience Nature Naturally


The SUBAK society members believe that everything has Soul. the Souls that connected one to another. Those interdependency then respected in order of life, in harmony and balance.

From the ancient days our ancestor understood the Law of Nature, one of it is through character and cycles of Water; From the water that flows and watering the earth, evaporated and fallen down as rain. Those cycles of water then gave the knowledge on how to adapt with Nature, and how other components in Nature are also influences each other. Hence it becomes a beautiful and holy interconnection, which builds a well mannered civilization. It created rule and order for the high quality of all beings.

  Nowadays, in modern era, peoples move and think so fast. There’s no time to contemplate or to choose silent way. Silent is doesn’t mean stand stil, but a reflective way to find the Truth.

UMA WALI literally means: “Come back to Rice-field”. But, as usual, translation could change the language sense when it is changed into another language, or even for the native user of the local language who lost their connection to their mother’s tongue. 

UMA is Balinese word for rice-field, it might taken from Sanskrit word Uma Devi , the personification of God which symbolizes The Earth on Peaceful/Shanti mode.

WALI means ‘to give back’, or offerings. Wali is from which the name BALI derived. Bali is a place to offer, to give back to The Supreme, the true Owner, before we use or consume it.

It is an event to encourage peoples to see back, to feel back the Spirit of the Earth, Mother Prthivi . It’s also to remind us locals, who might be forgot the true importance of Uma.  It is the reminder for us who still eat rice and other farmers’ products. The rice-field is not only a matter of production facility, or a matter of nice view for tourists.

Uma Wali is an event to ‘celebrate the rice-fields’, to honor the Subject –the farmers who willing to go back to use natural way: organic farming -, a reminder for small things we forgot: the quality of food we eat, the water we share, the rice-field which culturally sacred for us.

It will be a set of activities and cultural creativities of Subak to encourage peoples “to experience Nature, natural things naturally”. To visit rice-fields to see the farmers harvesting the crop (this is special : it will be the first harvest of a 28 Hectares fully Organic Rice), to know more about village traditions, also the order of Life on handling and honoring the Earth.

The event will be held from 23rd until the 30th of November 2013 , with peak event on the 24th in Subak Ganggangan area, in Banjar Pagi hamlet - Senganan village – Penebel sub-district – Tabanan regency.

Sat, 16 Nov 2013 @08:40

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